Gray Waxed Canvas with Black Leather Trim Standard Putter Cover

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$ 55.00

This cover is made from a thick #8 duck waxed cotton canvas upper with genuine leather trim. That means it will hold up well in a rainstorm and look great over the years. The fabric is reactive and with time will develop signature creases and wrinkles unique to you and your clubs. These covers make a modern, yet classic statement.



  • Waxed cotton canvas, genuine leather trim
  • Military-grade Velcro
  • Waterproof and stain resistant
  • Soft, padded inner liner
  • Sewn in California


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This canvas contains wax for durability and water protection. Centuries ago, before paraffin wax, people treated cotton with fats, oils, coal, sap, or tars. As American industry grew in the early 1900s, new processes developed and wax became available. This waxed canvas has been in production from our source since that time.

The fibers of this canvas are impregnated (not coated) with wax, ensuring that it remains in the cloth.  The fabric is unique and reactive. Like leather, its appearance will change over time as it develops a patina unique to you.