Ballistic Nylon Standard Putter Cover(PRE-ORDER)

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$ 42.00

This cover is made from USA woven ballistic nylon. It is our strongest material available and looks great with anything. 



  • Genuine ballistic nylon
  • Military grade Velcro closure
  • Waterproof, stain, and shrapnel resistant
  • Soft, padded inner liner
  • Sewn in California


See sizing guide here. 



Ballistic nylon is the material of choice for the world's most rugged travel gear. It's the perfect material for the frequent traveler or anyone who needs their gear to handle abuse.

The fabric was originally developed as a protective fabric for the United States military in the 1940s. Our Armed Forces still use this durable material for protective vests, heavy-duty bags, and anything where failure is not an option. Its rugged weave is unmistakable and will distinguish your gear.