Mallet Putter Covers (various materials and color options)

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$ 45.00

This cover provides exceptional protection and sophistication for your favorite mallet. With a MIL-SPEC Velcro closure and durable padding your flatstick will be safe in style. Fits all right handed mallets up to 4" deep (e.g. all 2-ball putters, GoLo, Futura X5, Craz-e, Rossie-I). Mid-mallets fit with plenty of room (e.g. Rossie II).



  • MIL-SPEC Velcro closure
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Soft, padded inner liner
  • Sewn in California


  • Fits all right handed mallet putters up to 4" deep (e.g. all 2-ball putters, GoLo, Futura X5, Craz-e, Rossie-I, regular Kombi) 
  • Fits both heel and center shafted right handed models 
  • Does not fit oversize mallets such as regular TM Spider, Futura, or Kombi Long (will fit regular Kombi putter)
  • Does fit TaylorMade Itsy Bitsy Spider, but not regular TaylorMade Spider