Rose & Fire progresses the craft of building headcovers.  We strive to create timeless pieces with exceptional quality that reflect your sense of style.

We are innovators, not followers. All of our leathers and materials are genuine. Each of our headcovers is carefully designed and made in California, USA with the best materials. 

Our name comes from the founder and his family. "Rose" was the matriarchal designer, creating hats after World War II. Rose symbolizes classic timelessness, beauty, and a respect for tradition. "Fire" is a play on the founder's last name and represents the strength and passion infused into everything we create. 


My passion for design and creation comes from my grandmother, Rose. She began her career as a hat designer in the 1940s. I emulate her classic style and commitment to quality in my constructions. Growing up spending summers with her and in my uncle's denim, jacket, and garment facility I learned about design and what it takes to execute a vision.  

After working in the golf industry designing headcovers and milled putters, I began applying what I learned in my youth and some of my own techniques to headcover design and construction. I try to add a level of sophistication and quality to my creations that is unseen today. 

Our Los Angeles shop location gives us access to the large fashion industry here.  Quality materials, hardware, specialized machines, and skilled operators are all close at hand. I have also been fortunate to learn from local military contractors who make bullet proof vests for our armed forces. They have connected us with military fabric sources and inspired the design of many of our manufacturing processes.

Everything we create is made in California with the best domestic and imported materials. We take pride in our craftsmanship and ethics. Please browse our site and feel free to get in touch via email or social media. I promise to always give you our best.


Mike Buchfuhrer

Founder, Designer, & CEO