Driver, fairway, and hybrid covers:


Putter covers:

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Our driver covers fit all 460cc driver heads. This includes newer models with cavities and deeper heads as well. These covers also fit smaller drivers (e.g. 420cc), but are not recommended for traditional small wooden driver heads. Our Fairway size fits older, small persimmon driver heads well.


These covers are designed to fit all modern woods. Even the 260cc SLDR mini fits driver fits in this cover, although quite snugly.


These covers fit nearly any size hybrid. It is wide enough to accomodate larger hybrids, but the elastic near the toe keeps even smaller hybrids secure. Additionally, our hybrid cover does not flare at its opening, giving it a sleeker silhouette.

Standard Putter

These covers fit Anser-style putters as well as mid-mallets up to 2 inches deep. 


Mid-mallet Putter

These covers fit mid-mallets up to 2.75" deep including GoLo 3, GoLo 5, GoLo 5R, GoLo 6, Rossie II, and similar putters.

Mallet Putter

These covers fit mallet putters up to 4" deep. This includes the 2 ball, Craz-e, Futura X5, Futura X5r, Rossie I, etc.). Mid-mallets fit with plenty of room (GoLo 5, GoLo 5R, Rossie I). Fits right handed heel and center shafted models.


Large Mallet Putter

Fits right handed large mallet putters such as the TaylorMade Spider and Scotty Cameron Futura X (the X5 and X5r fit in our standard mallet cover). For the "Itsy Bitsy" TaylorMade Spider we recommend the "mallet" size as it fits better. This model fits right handed heel and center shafted models.


Heel-shafted Blade Putter

These covers fit heel-shafted blade putters such as the 8802, Napa, 8813, Zero, or similar styles. This cover will not fit Anser or Newport putters.