Heel-shafted Blade Putter Covers!

by Mike Buchfuhrer

Classic blades like the 8802 or milled versions like the Napa deserve headcovers too. As in the example above, a lot of 8802 suffer from bag chatter. The problem is that a there aren't a lot of headcovers that fit heel-shafted blades well. In many places it's hard to find a good cover at all.

Understandably a lot of golfers also want something that suits the style of the old-school blade and often that means dropping it in the bag naked. I tried to keep this in mind when designing the cover. I wanted to make something that was modern, but could have been made in the late 18th century. For this reason I decided it wouldn't have any Velcro, magnets, or zippers (although some of these technologies were around then, they weren't in wide use). To achieve this we made the cover very form-fitting. It slips on and off much like a stiff boot. This simplicity makes the cover very difficult to produce due to the tight corners and heavy duty materials. 

The waxed cotton canvas is also a classic material you could have purchased 100 years ago. It's the same fabric used for weatherproofing garments prior to synthetics. In all, I'm very happy with how this turned out. I should also give credit to a customer, Gordon, who wanted a cover for his Napa which spurred us to make this available. You can see more on this cover here or email me with any questions (mike@roseandfire.com). Thanks for reading!

September 03, 2015 by Michael Buchfuhrer