MannKrafted X Rose & Fire Behind the Scenes Handmade Golf Ball Markers!

by Mike Buchfuhrer

When LaMont from MannKrafted and I decided to team up on these  ball markers we were adamant that they had something unique and special about them. We weren't just slapping a logo on a stamped disc. There had to be creativity, passion, and art behind them. The story of their creation must make them special. Here it is.

First, we start out with a sheet of copper mined in USA. It is then cut into connected discs with the water jet. As you can see below there are little tabs. This is because the water jet can't cut a complete circle. Otherwise the markers would fall into the tank. 

The next step is de-burring. After cutting metal there is often a sharp, thin metal lip on at least one of the sides. You can see this above. Using a grinding wheel LaMont de-burrs and removes the tabs on the sides. After this he puts the markers into a tumbler--this gives a nice matte texture to the markers and further smooths out any roughness. See below.

Now the ball marker is ready for stamping. Using a ball peen hammer and various stamps we can texture the surface and edges. 

Once the desired texture is achieved we can stamp artwork on the front and the golfer's initials in the back--each one is custom made. After stamping the marker is buffed and polished. The edges in particular need work (as you can see above they're still not smooth after tumbling.

After stamping the next step is paintfill. This is a very transformative step and is something we often customize for the golfer as well.

Still not finished! The paint has to dry and then we can carefully wipe off the excess with acetone (and often toothpicks). 

Ok, now it's done! The result of all our hard work and efforts is a personalize one-of-a-kind artwork you can carry in your pocket during a round. They have all the personality, fun, and whimsical nature we intended to infuse into the pieces. We couldn't be happier! You can see all of them  here!

September 09, 2015 by Michael Buchfuhrer